Good Morning, Morning

Towards the end of my three-hour flight from Miami, I was looking out the window of the plane, anxious about what my first impressions of Grenada would be. The deep, rich blues of the ocean and the infinite shades of green of the mountains did not disappoint.

The immigration officer scanned my passport and said, “Oh, is this your first time to Grenada?” I said yes and he answered, “Thank you for visiting Grenada. We are very happy you are here.” The travel industry has taken me many places around the world and passport control always feels procedural and cold, but this was different: It felt like he meant it, and his sincere warmth set the tone for the remainder of my visit.

This was my “first day of school” as director of sales and marketing for Silversands Grenada.
As I toured the island I was delighted by what I was seeing, nature has been so very generous with Grenada! From beautiful mountains to countless hidden coves and sprawling beaches, the island really is the Caribbean at its best.

On the third day of my stay, I woke up very early and decided to take in the sunrise on Grand Anse beach. Little that I knew, I was about to discover what is best about Grenada.

Even at this very early hour, there were many Grenadians walking the beach, jogging and exercising. As I went by the first walker looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “Good morning, morning.” I thought it was just a lone friendly person. Then the second walker repeated it, and then the third one smiled and used the same greeting. By the time the fourth walker came my way, I found myself smiling and sharing a heartfelt “Good morning, morning!” Right then I knew it was going to be a good day.

In my line of work, I am tasked with sharing what the ambiance of the hotel will be and how it fits within the local culture. From an architectural point of view, Silversands Grenada will be very different to its surroundings: an ode to modern hotel design set against the background of a calm beach and lush foliage and surrounded by structures of more traditional Caribbean architecture.

Where we will be completely connected to Grenada will be in our service style and hospitality. We will be bringing the warmth and approachability for which Grenadians are known. The island may be stunningly beautiful, but what really is best about it are the Grenadians themselves. It feels good here.

- Jorge Collazo, Director of Sales and Marketing.