A Sweet Escape Will Bring You to Grenada

There is nothing quite as sweet, as the balance between discovery and familiarity. If there is one way to describe the island of Grenada, it is just that — a perfectly crafted country that brings two worlds together.

Experience the thrill of diving deep into the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park or hike the Mombacho Volcano while also still encountering a welcoming, warm smile when you return and a friendly hello when you pass down any street. Grenadians make sure that you feel good here, it is that simple. As one of the smallest nations in the entire world, it is important to us that everyone on the island is looked after like family. This precious piece of earth has been kissed by Mother Nature herself and the residents of the island intend to spread her love far and wide. If Grenada is not yet on your list of destinations to visit we strongly suggest you review your inventory and place a little extra attention on the 'Spice Island' and make the time to get to know Grenadians – you will be happy you did.