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New Sushi Chef, Yukio Kimijima joining Silversands in December

Chef Yukio Kimijima is a 4th generation Sushi Chef and is joining us from Hong Kong, where he was at the helm of UMI by Le Comptoir.

Silversands Holiday Cocktails

Dark & Stormy with a Holiday Twist 


Dark rum - 1oz
Apple juice - 2oz
Lime juice - 0.5oz
Honey - 0.25oz
Cinnamon powder - 3 dashes
Ginger beer to top up
Garnish: apple chunks, cinnamon stick, orange wheel


Combine the dark rum, apple juice, lime juice and honey in shaker with ice, top off with 3 dashes of cinnamon. Shake up. 

Garnish the glass with a mix of cinnamon & sugar. Pour cocktail into the glass and top up with ginger beer.

Add apple chunks, cinnamon stick and orange wheel garnish.

Silversands Signature Massage and Body Oils

We are so excited to introduce our line of Silversands Signature Massage and Body Oils.

Blended in-house, the oils are a combination of cold-compressed oils blended with specific extracts of essential oils.

Sleep Program at Silversands Spa

Following the sleep tourism trend, Wellness & Spa Director Yanni Frivaldo curated a ‘Sleep Program’ with a focus on improving sleep through 3 to 7 day treatment which include personalized meals, movement therapy and massage treatments.

Silversands Grenada adds private boat Blade as newest Amenity

Experience luxury on the water with Silversands' recently added amenity: Blade.

Blade is Silversands’ company owned, 44-foot Quad Mercury Centre Console, fitted with two fully air-conditioned cabins and an indoor bathroom with shower, a summer kitchen, forward and aft loungers and a surround audio system.

Behind the Scenes of Silversands

Join the recent episode of ' The Luxury Insider podcast' where Sarah Groen, founder of Bell & Bly Travel chats with our General Manager, Narelle McDougall to discuss all things Silversands Grenada. From its history as the first luxury hotel to be built on the Spice Island of Grenada in over 25 years, to its amenities, including the longest pool in the Caribbean, the two dive into the details that make our resort so very special.

A Glimpse Of Grenada

The beauty of Grenada is everywhere: wherever you look, you can find something inspiring. Whether it's nature, culture, or the food, the island is filled with delightful surprises. Grenadians are very proud of their roots and the diversity of their tri-island nation and many have turned their love for Grenada into art.

Get Glowing in 2020

There are many reasons to start your new year off the right way. Some people plan to exercise more while others are trying to eat healthier, but our favorite way to kick-off the new year is with a full day of R&R. Silversands Spa has a large selection of rejuvenating services that will, without fail, give you that 2020 glow you're looking for.

Happy Holidays From Grenada

Grenada loves Christmas! December is a great time to visit—not only because of the warm temperatures—but also the many exciting holiday festivities that take place.

Seek Serenity at Silversands Grenada

Proximity to the ocean has a proven positive impact on your health—the closer you are to the sea, the better your mind, body, and soul will feel. Silversands Grenada is located right on the oceanfront and our spa services are designed to complement your wellness experience.

Try the Tea at the Tower Estate

At Silversands Grenada we pride ourselves in offering a number of cultural experiences available for our guests’ to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Grenada.

Explore the Greenery in Grenada

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if they are talking to us, we know that we would vote on Grenada time and time again as the most radiant island of them all!

We May Have Silver in Our Sands but We Get a Gold in Resort Stays

However you choose to spend your days in Grenada, you will leave having had a transcendent experience. Whether lounging by the longest pool in the Caribbean overlooking the endless sea views or exploring the unspoilt beauty and natural splendour of the island.

Rally in the Caribbean for the 54th Carriacou Regatta Festival

We think it's a fact that if you spot an island, you will most likely spot a boat. And that’s exactly how it is here in Grenada, especially during the peak of summer. As July begins to set into full swing, just a short jump away on our sister island Carriacou, they begin to gear up the festivities for the 54th Annual Carriacou Regatta Festival.

Let's Drink to the Oldest Distillery in Grenada

There is a reason why vacations and libations rhyme. They are meant to go together like the sand and the sea. And if you want good rum, it's a fact that you should head straight south to the Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands are known for the delicious rum that is crafted in the heart of the ocean and even more so for the flirty drinks that are created from these crafts.

Lay Your Eyes on These New Leatherbacks

If your plans this summer include a visit to the pristine beaches of Grenada, your timing may have hit Mother Nature gold. One of the things that we are most proud of here in Grenada is our respect for the earth and our island, as well as all the beautiful species that bless us with their presence each year.

Give a Gift from Grenada

You’ve already planned your trip to Grenada, now you have to plan for the shopping excursions. Market Square is known as one of the best places to shop for souvenirs on the Island. The market is open to locals and visitors alike and is a great place to pick up some goodies from the Island of Spice. 

A Sweet Escape Will Bring You to Grenada

There is nothing quite as sweet, as the balance between discovery and familiarity. If there is one way to describe the island of Grenada, it is just that — a perfectly crafted country that brings two worlds together.

Good Morning, Morning

Towards the end of my three-hour flight from Miami, I was looking out the window of the plane, anxious about what my first impressions of Grenada would be. The deep, rich blues of the ocean and the infinite shades of green of the mountains did not disappoint.