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Putting Grenada on the map

Teetering on the brink of the hot white sands of Grand Anse beach, with all its attendant wild beauty, stands a hotel. Glorying in its beachfront position, guests might swim its iconic 100-metre pool, gazing its length to the infinite view across the bay's blue waters waters. They might lose themselves in the stellar spa; or wonder at the hand-caught, locally sourced spectacular food. In the words of Naguib Sawiris, the mission has never been to complete with the wonderful hotels. Instead, as he says, "We are trying to do something very modern, aimed at clients who go to St Barts or Barbados and think there's nothing like that in Grenada. We want to show these clients that coming to this nature-blessed island, that has somehow kept its originality is worthwhile."

Dive In

Before it even opens its doors, Silversands resort can lay claim to one record-smashing accolade: its 100m swimming pool makes it the longest in the Caribbean. But whether you're in it for Olympian

laps or for its restorative effects, bathers bobbling along its considerable length, right to its infinity edges, will see nothing but water and sky beyond. Silversands: betwixt heaven and earth.


To experience Silversands is to step into a world where everything slows down. It’s very raison d’etre is to mellifluously lull its guests right down to the rhythm of the island – and in the pursuit of

ultimate luxury, a peerless spa is not an extra; it is fundamental. At the healing hands of Silversands’ health therapists, and in the celestially light treatment rooms, there is only one option: to unwind.