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The treasure of living

At Silversands, checking out is not inevitable

Naguib Sawiris is neither the first nor will he be the last person to fall in love with Grenada. It has a way of getting under the skin and for many, it will ignite the same inexorable devotion he felt upon glimpsing Grand Anse beach for the first time. Silversands residences offer a solution: stop still and call Grenada home.

Seaside Villas

Warm feet sink into silken silver sands. Each lap of the sea spills onto the flawless Grand Anse beach. With every retraction of the wave, any residual anxiety ebbs and recedes.

Silversands' beachside villas present a world in which life's pace has one setting; unhurried. Each residence, is designed as an individual pavilion.

And within this paradigm of the harmonious hideaway, the tropical life is maximised to astonishing effect. Outdoor pools, decks and al fresco dining salas, are framed to recreate a startling tableaux, each scene framed by the natural tropical bounty of Grand Anse beach. As with the hillside villas, the neighbouring Silversands hotel provides immaculate service, allowing residences to be restored to vitality.

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Hillside Villas

The sound of cicadas fills the night air. Glasses chink on the veranda, toasting a much anticipated feast, freshly caught from the Caribbean sea. The air is still, save for a gentle sea-scented breeze. The view from the terrace is unparalleled.

The scene is typical of any given night at a Silversands hillside villa. The elevated position supplies both seclusion and drama. Designed to spill its numerous levels down

the hillside, the villa cascades into a series of hanging gardens. As a window onto Grenada, and a vantage point on this world of tranquillity and vivacity, it is simply unmatched.

The villas' easy flow between outdoor and indoor, enables every room to be 'unzipped'. Boundaries between interior and exterior become an arbitrary. Meanwhile 24-hour service from the hotel connects this sanctuary with seamless five-star luxury.

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