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The air is full of spices

That old adage about variety being the spice of life could not be more fitting across this three-island nation. The arresting colours that carpet this land, bestowed by nature; the waterfalls that froth with sparkling water; the wild, rugged beauty, coupled with a liberal peppering of pure, pristine white sand beaches.

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Then we arrived at Grand Anse beach. It’s a sight that will never get old. The wild, almost indecent beauty of it is etched into my consciousness forever; its white whites and blinding blues seared indelibly into my mind.

Naguib sawiris

Warmth of the welcome

If you squint, Grand Anse Beach’s two mile stretch of white sand is distilled into a single trip of turquoise bleeding into a single strip of celestial white. Not only is it like a postcard sent from a pre-lapsarian world, but it is also sheltered from high waves, strong currents and winds. Snap up the sea’s bounty and Grenadian atmosphere at the local fish market or better still, catch it yourself.

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